IP Addressing and Subnetting

In this video I talk about IP addresses, different classes of IP addresses, Network Address, Broadcast Address, how to divide the network into subnets and find the appropriate subnet mask.

The slides in PDF format can be viewed here.
You can download a free document for subnetting fromĀ here.

The recommended books areĀ TCP/IP Protocol Suite and CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide, 2nd Edition

7 Responses to IP Addressing and Subnetting

  1. Ammar says:

    Mr. Hoorang,

    Amazing video, clear explanation, suitable examples, and of course direct to the point. This really helped me prepare for my CCNA.

    Thank you for putting your time and lecturing from your heart, like always.

    Your formal student from Bahrain.

  2. Venakteswarlu says:

    Awesome & clear cut explanation on IP Addressing & Sub-netting and NAT.
    Dear sir, please may i get animated videos & explanation on routing concept

  3. Sameer Ahmad says:

    i really like that video .complete all my concepts of accesslist .i really appericiate that thank you Sir .Once again thank you very much.

  4. Ashwin says:

    awesome ,, superb video

  5. jahmane says:

    Great job,Mr hoorang

  6. wogayehu says:

    i like more network and security

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