Network Address Translation

In these videos I talk about Network Address Translation (NAT), the concept and the configuration. I also have provided you with the link to the notes for this topic.


Configuration of NAT:

You can download the notes for this topic from here.
The topology in GNS3 is here.

Recommended Book:
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, Part 2 (ICND2): (CCNA Exam 640-802 and ICND exam 640-816) (3rd Edition)

11 Responses to Network Address Translation

  1. Dariush says:

    the best tutorials you may find throughout the internet!!! Thanks

  2. Pankaj says:

    Its very simple to understand the NAT. Thanks for provide us this video tutorial.

  3. CBTVid says:

    Thanks for your comment and support.

  4. Kaushik Phookan says:

    Mr. whoever you are, I don't know how can I thank you enough. You have presented and explained NAT in such a lucid manner that I was just wondering why I was finding it difficult earlier to understand the concepts. Thank you very very much for your effort. Every bit of pain you undertook to present this video is well appreciated by many like me across the globe. May God bless You and you family!

  5. xiusa says:

    Mr.Hoorang can i configure the routing protocol you said in the video in PacketTracer? And for dynamic NAT i was confused at the routing protocol between ISP and internet that how it affect the the Perimeter Router?

  6. Rehan says:

    thanks mate

  7. pipo says:

    Well done. Thanks lot!

  8. deNZ says:

    I can’t download the gns3 project, please upload on rapidshare

    mediafire show this message:
    This file is currently set to private.
    When a file is set to private by its owner only the owner of the file can access it. If you are the owner of the file please log into your account to access this file.

  9. uranium235 says:

    i must say sir this is the best way any one has ever explained the concept of NAT . i am very greatful .

  10. ole says:

    you made NAT so simple. You made access-list so simple. I was so stuck and even when I thought i got it finally, i could not solve an access-list problem on my own.

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