How to Connect GNS3 to the Internet

In this video I show you how to connect GNS3 to the Internet by using a Loopback adapter and sharing your internet connection.

7 Responses to How to Connect GNS3 to the Internet

  1. El alaoui Med says:

    Merci pour cette explication Mr !!

  2. Samran says:

    Thanks for this great informational video

    God bless you.


  3. Ernest says:

    Great video. i have being searching for this information for a long time and your video has taught me what i wanted to know. now i can go ahead with me studies to get my ccna. thank . Ernest from Ghana(West Africa)

  4. mike says:

    this is so frustrating!!!!! It worked just fine a couple weeks ago when i followed along with the video. Now i load up my GNS3 file with it all saved but it doesnt work. I tried making a new topology and doing everything over from the start but it will not work anymore. I did debug ip packet on the router and the router sends the packet to the cloud but thats all that happens.

  5. bhaskar says:

    very useful,thanks a lot for the good videos all…. may god bless you more…..

  6. spit says:

    You make fantastic videos.I learnt a lot from you here & on youtube.Please continue to make more of such videos,particularly on cisco routers & switches,GNS3 and packet tracer for the benefit of novices like me.Cheers!

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