Installing Windows Server 2008

In this post I show you step by step installation of Windows Server 2008 (clean installation):

  1. Insert the Windows Server 2008 DVD in your DVD drive and then boot your system from DVD drive. (If you don’t have the DVD of Win Server 2008 you can download a trial version from here, and then burn it on a DVD).
  2. Next step you will see that Windows starts copying some files. Once its finished you will see a window where you have to choose your language, time and currency and keyboard or input method.
  3. Now choose your language, time and currency format and Keyboard. ( in this case for time and currency format I chose English Canada. Then click Next.
  4. Now you see another window with a big Install button in the middle. Click on that button.
  5. In the next window you have to choose the version of Windows Server 2008 that you want to install. If you are using a trial version, then you can install any version that you want otherwise, you have to install the version that you have the product key for. (For example,  if you have purchased a product key for Standard Edition then you have to choose that edition in this window). Now in this case I’m going to choose Enterprise Edition (full installation). Then click Next.
  6. In this page you have to accept the license terms and then click Next.
  7. In this page you have to choose the type of installation. Upgrade or Custom. In this case since we are performing a clean installation, Click on Custom (Advanced).
  8. Now you have to choose the drive that you want to install you Windows. Either you can click Next here, then Windows will use all your hard disk as one partition or you can create partition of different sizes and install your Windows on the partition that you want.
  9. To create partition click on Drive Options (advanced) as you see in the following picture.
  10. Then you will see few more buttons appear. Click on New to create partitions.
  11. Now you can choose the size of your first partition.
  12. In this case I chose 60GB for the first partition then click on Apply.
  13. Now click on the remaining unallocated space and enter another amount based on your need. In this case I allocated the remaining to the second partition and click on Apply. Now click on Next.
  14. Now the installation of Windows starts. (you don’t have to do anything now, just relax and wait :) )
  15. Once the installation finished you will see the following page, where you have to choose a password to be able to log on for the fist time. Click on OK to choose your password.
  16. The password that you choose must comply with Windows Server 2008 rules. Meaning you must have some lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols in your chosen password. In this case I chose “P@ssw8rd” as my password.
  17. If your password is accepted you will see the following prompt. Click on OK.
  18. And now you have successfully installed Windows Server 2008. Now you should see the following window which is Initial Configuration Task.


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