Transfer Files Between Host and VirtualBox

In this video I show you how to get access to the files and folders in Host OS from VirtualBox.

5 Responses to Transfer Files Between Host and VirtualBox

  1. Moein says:

    perfect video, If you are using camstudio i suggest that you turn on auto zoom, that would more clearer.

  2. Sam says:

    Excellent stuff. Very informative. thanks a million for sharing you knowledge

  3. b mail says:

    Your instructional video was just what I was looking for. Concise and to the point, however, your title “Transfer Files Between Host and VirtualBox” was not exactly correct. I find that I can only transfer folders with files in them, not individual files. So in order to transfer a file, I had to first create a folder on the desktop, then put the file I wanted to transfer in this folder. Then I could see the folder when I browsed in the Add Share window for it and share the folder over to my VM. There were no individual files seen for sharing over. Is there some setting or step I’m missing?

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